Pros and Cons of NFC Tags – Infographics

Near Field Communication, also known as NFC technology, is a popular wireless medium that transfers data and shares media and others between two devices that are in proximity. It is a more secure alternative to QR codes for many short-range applications.

NFC tags have become so popular that many people can see the benefits and drawbacks of this technology. Read on if you are unsure about NFC or are hesitant to use it.

Advantages of NFC

NFC tag is a versatile platform that covers many services and industries. Individuals use contactless business card UK to pay for mobile banking, restaurant reservations, and booking tickets. It also provides real-time information about expenditures and rewards points. You can redeem rewards and coupons.

Enterprises can also benefit from this system, which is forward-looking and dynamic. Easy-to-use, stress-free technology improves customer service, which leads to a better brand reputation and higher productivity.

Individuals can use NFC tags for task automation and tracking of items. They can provide information about weight, the number of items, and the date of purchase. They can also use them to pay for articles and services. You need to place an NFC tag on the thing you want to purchase, and the NFC reader will recognize it.

Disadvantages of NFC

NFC tags can be customized by either purchasing the tags or metal cards. An NFC reader will also program the stickers. The cost might not be too significant for an individual user, but it is quite expensive for businesses.

NFC-enabled biometrics is a relatively new technology. To use the tags, you need NFC readers and smartphones supporting NFC. The technology can be adopted by businesses that issue NFC-enabled smartphones or invest in custom-printed smart cards to give their employees NFC business card.

Additionally, this technology can’t be immediately adopted by retailers to replace contactless payment methods. Customers won’t likely have enough cash to purchase an NFC-enabled phone.

NFC transactions are more secure than regular credit card payments. However, there is still a risk. Mobile hackers have found clever ways to gain unauthorized access to financial information stored on mobile phones. The fight to secure this data is ongoing. To know more, here is an infographic from NFC Tagify.

Pros and Cons of NFC tags
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