Motorcycle Crash Bars – What Are They and Are They Worth the Investment?

Getting motorcycle crash bars for your bike is a great way to keep yourself safe in case you have an accident. Crash bars, also called axel sliders, or handguards protect your arms and hands. The crash bar also reduces the impact on the road in case you fall. Before you buy a bike crash bar, here are some things to remember.


A handguard for motorcycle crash bars is essential to ensure your fingers, hands and knuckles are protected from any branches or other hazards. These protective flaps of durable plastic protect your hands from trees, branches, wind, and rain.

This essential accessory prevents serious damage to your bicycle. They can also protect your hands from being sucked into tree trunks or sucked into your brakes.

You can choose from a variety of handguards for your motorcycle. kobra handguards are designed to protect your hands from branches, while KOBRA and KOBRA Handguards by SW-MOTECH are constructed from extra durable plastic and feature super strong aluminum mounting frames.

Handguards for motorcycle crash bars come in many different designs and colors. Some feature plastic or alloy clamps. Both of these are cheaper to replace if they break, but the plastic clamps are less stable over rough sections.

Some handguards use a bracket to clamp around the bar and are then bent to the proper position. Others require the cockpit to be disassembled. You may also need to drill a hole to fit the throttle tube.

Crash bars can be made from steel, mild steel, or both. Crash bars are heavy and can transfer destructive forces into the engine mounts. These bars can also be dangerous, as they can break in the event of an accident.

Sliders for frames

A sw motech frame sliders can be added to any motorcycle to provide protection against an accident. This piece of equipment can also reduce the severity of ankle injuries. In addition, it can keep your engine from hitting the ground in case you have a hard crash.

Two main types are available for frame sliders. First, there is the non-cut version. This uses a bracket to attach the slider behind the fairing. This type is often easier to install.

The other is the cut version, which involves cutting a hole in your fairing. When reinstalling your fairing, you must follow all the OEM instructions. Although the cut version has a stronger structure, it is less sturdy.

These sliders are usually made of plastic, though they can be made of other materials. The material used must be lightweight and impact-resistant. Some companies even make use of synthetic polymers.

A motorcycle frame slider’s main purpose is to protect the bike from being damaged in an accident. If you are looking to return home or turn your bike toward the horizon, this is a must. The material used should also be sturdy enough to avoid snags.

The other major benefit of a frame slider is that it can reduce the risk of damage to your engine casing if you crash. These crash guards are designed to fit both front and rear engine mounts.

Axel sliders

An axle slider is an excellent option for keeping your motorcycle off the road. These devices are designed to keep your bike from tipping over and damaging important components.

These devices are made from plastic or aluminum and will raise the motorcycle slightly. These devices can also be easily replaced. There are many manufacturers that offer whole kits to protect your entire bike.

These devices will also protect the engine from larger crashes. They won’t protect panniers and other small parts. The frame may be subject to impact forces. Sliders made of durable materials will withstand punishment.

Sliders are essential for any motorcycle, no matter if you drive on the road or off the track. They will protect your motorcycle’s engine in an accident and prevent it from scraping the tracks.

These devices can also help keep the brake rotor from being scraped. They are available in sets for the front and rear axle. These can be attached to shock absorbers or handlebar ends. They can also be color matched to your motorcycle.

When changing tires, axle sliders can also be helpful. This help to loosen the bolt from the wheel. They are also useful in trick riding. These are often used at racetracks.

Sliders for the bar end

Motorcycle bar end sliders are available for all types of motorcycles, including sport bikes, tourers, and adventure motorcycles. They provide extra protection to your engine and handlebars. They replace the handlebar end weights that come with your motorcycle’s factory handlebars. They also keep your handgrips and brake/clutch levers off the ground.

There are two types of motorcycle bar end sliders: one is a cut-kit and the other is a non-cut version. They are both designed to protect against small impacts but the effectiveness of each depends on what type of collision you might be in.

Cut kits usually require a little modification of the motorcycle’s fairing. They are usually stronger and structurally more sound than non-cut kits. These kits require that they be torqued to OEM specs.

No-cut kits are not like cut kits. They don’t need to be modified in any way. These kits are simpler to install but may not be as sturdy.

The material used to make motorcycle bar end sliders is also important. UHMWPE, synthetic polymers with zero abrasion resistance are used by some brands. You can also get replaceable bobbins.

How well a slider works also depends on its length. Shorter sliders keep the bike closer to the ground, which reduces the chances of flipping. They don’t offer as much leverage, however. In a faster crash, a long slider could snap.

Most motorcycle bar end sliders have a removable puck that helps keep the fairings off the ground. These sliders are often equipped with anti-corrosion hardware.

Upper crash bars

Whether you’re on a dirt bike or an adventure bike, motorcycle crash bars are an essential safety accessory. Crash bars are simple piece of metal that is mounted to the lower frame of your bike. These bars provide extra protection against falls, protect your bike’s paintwork and prevent the oil tank from being damaged.

These are useful for preventing your bike from tipping over. Off-road, riders often fall on rough terrain.

However, crash bars can be costly. They may cost you upwards of $3000, depending on the model. They may also require installation by the dealership, which can cost you more than the bars themselves.

The best way to find out what’s right for you is to ask around. For advice, ask friends who have ridden a motorcycle.

Dual sport riders should look into crash bars as they provide protection for the engine and fuel tank. The Yamaha YZF-R1 has crash bars that tie into the engine and skid plates.

You can also get them in carbon fiber. Aftermarket bars are a preferred choice for some riders. They add style and protection to your bike, and can also make it easier to pick up your bike in case of an accident.

Aluminum is also used in some of the best crash bars. Aluminum is lightweight and durable, but it is not as strong as steel. It also is less likely to rust.

Road safety

Having crash bars installed on your motorcycle can help protect you from serious injuries. They can prevent your legs from being crushed between your bike and the pavement. They can also help you pick up your bike after it’s fallen.

When you’re looking for the most effective crash bars, you need to look at the bar’s construction. Aluminum is a good choice, as it’s light and doesn’t rust. It’s also relatively easy to maintain. However, it’s not as strong as steel or mild steel.

The design of a crash bar is all about making sure that the most vital components of your motorcycle are protected. Aside from protecting your engine, the bars can also save your gas tank from damage. The right bar set can protect your frame and prevent it from being damaged.

You should consider the motorcycle’s size, weight, and thickness when choosing the right crash bar. This is important because heavier motorcycles require stronger bars. Having the right set of bars can also help you repair a twisted fork.

Crash bars don’t have to be mandatory but they are a good idea. They can help protect you from the worst of crashes, and they’re relatively easy to install.

They are also an important part of any motorcycle safety plan. Whether you’re riding a sport-style bike or an adventure motorcycle, crash bars can help keep you and your bike safe.

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