Based on research, the ten most dangerous cities in the world to travel to are:

  • Caracas, Venezuela,
  • Ciudad Juarez, Mexico,
  • Cape Town, South Africa,
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil,
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala,
  • Acapulco Mexico,
  • Baghdad, Iraq
  • Kabul, Afghanistan,
  • Karachi, Pakistan, and;
  • San Pedro Sula, Honduras.


These cities are treacherous because of theft, violent street crimes, homicides, human and drug trafficking, high rates of murder, gang wars, and terrorist attacks. However, the more hazardous these cities were, the more several tourists are curious about the reality that is happening within the area – and when cats are interested, the more likely that their life will be in danger.


Researchers and travelers may have forgotten that there is also menace even within the premises of your hometown. The streets and the highways are mainly the areas within an urban or rural area that is perilous. With multiple vehicles going to and fro the place, there will be a high chance that car crashes will happen.


Based on the annual and global road crash statistics, approximately 1.5 million people die in road crashes each year. On average, 3,700 people lost their lives every single day on these misfortunate mishaps. On the other hand, 20-50 million people suffer through fatal to non-fatal grievances – which will, later on, result in long-term infirmities.


These distressing documentations are the prime evidence of how roadways can threaten an individual’s life.


Why do such incidences happen anyway?


One of the top causes of these frequencies occurs because of malfunctions in the automobile. A specific vehicle has a life capacity in every portion of it. When the car owner has no proper maintenance, risks of sudden burst or breakdown can happen – mainly when the car is on the loose.


Another root of these accidents is hot-headed and delinquent drivers. Although the higher-ups already implemented various road signages, these felons are still vague enough to break the laws. They are resulting for them to say hello to the bittersweet karma called fate.


Disobedience can, indeed, lead you to the edge.


Motorists within the area when these occurrences happen are also affected – despite them properly following protocols and providing regular check-ups for their vehicles. Thus, car insurance is compulsory because the insurance company already covers the car accident’s financial losses.


In case you wonder what the consequences you will face when you stop paying for your car insurance, iChoose.PH – a notorious car insurance Molino, life insurance PH, and health insurance PH provider – created an infographic with all the answers you need:

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