Challenges In Private PCR Test

Private PCR Test

Coronavirus is one factor that has greatly revolutionized medical centers around the world. This has been in terms of medical diagnosis and testing and even medical ethics. Most of the private PCR testing is usually done by private companies whereby if one tests positive for the coronavirus, the lab of that particular company will not disclose the results to the government agencies or the public. As such, most private companies are not supported by the government since no contact tracing is done to determine if the close conducts of the individual who has tested positive have also been affected by the virus. Due to the lack of support from the government, the following are the challenges facing companies offering a private PCR test.

The first challenge of private PCR test is the lack of equipped diagnostics with appropriate instruments and testing kits. PCR testing usually makes use of expensive machines that help in the testing of the coronavirus. A problem that has resulted as a result of public PCR testing is stigmatization. As such many people have opted for private testing. As such, companies and private hospitals doing the private PCR test have had a rough time managing these numbers. These have also been crippled by lack of swift and testing of biological samples from patients since procurement and acquisition of testing tools such as swabs can be challenging and daunting.

Another challenge of private PCR test is the lack of trained manpower to carry out the PCR testing that involves the extraction of the genetic material. It is worth noting that the coronavirus took the whole world by a shock. There were no methods that had been set that could be used in diagnosing and treating deadly viruses like the coronavirus. As such, countries and governments had to learn new ways of diagnosing and treating the virus and by extension teach the health agencies to do the same. As had been mentioned earlier, this kind of support was not offered to companies or hospitals doing the private testing. As such, there is a shortage of skilled manpower that could do the PCR test.

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