How to Select Your First Car

Many Filipinos have experienced commuting to work and school through crowded public transport. They have also recognized the difficulties and stress brought upon by riding these public vehicles. Hence, many people have considered buying their cars to avoid the inconvenience and hassle of riding jeepneys, buses, and trains, which are often jam-packed.


Other than listing options of car types and models, people have a lot to consider when purchasing a vehicle. A car’s safety, fuel-efficiency, performance, and driving comfort are factors to consider. Other aspects would affect the buyer’s budget and financings, such as the vehicle’s price and cost of car insurance Philippines.


Accordingly, it is vital to consider your budget and needs when selecting a car to purchase. Either you buy a brand-new vehicle or a second-hand one, you should not exceed your car funds to avoid debt or cutting the budget on your other finances. If you want to have a car but also want to save money, you may opt to buy a second-hand vehicle as it is cheaper than a brand-new one or buy a budget-friendly car that can provide the same driving performance as that of the expensive car models. It is essential to check the car and engine specifications.


Choosing a car model and type should depend on your needs. It is vital to consider the number of passengers you would carry in the vehicle, how frequently you would use the car, and the driving environment. In case you need to bring different materials, you may opt to have a pickup truck or van, which has bigger spaces for your things. On the other hand, if you need a mode of transportation for your family, you may select a sedan, hatchback, or SUV.


Cars are considered an asset and a good investment. Hence, people take extra precautions when driving and do regular maintenance checks on their vehicles to ensure that their external and internal parts are in good condition. Consequently, to protect it further, it would be best to get car insurance Molino. An insurance policy can provide financial protection for you and your car if it gets involved in an accident. Your insurance provider can help with the cost of repairs, lessening the impact on your budget.


Being meticulous when weighing your options can help you avoid wasting money on your purchase. It is essential to research car specifications to determine which one suits your needs and compare car insurance policies. This infographic of iChoose.PH discusses how to select your first car.

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