Staying Safe on the Road and Learning How to Avoid Pedestrian Injuries

The number of people who are getting seriously injured from a traffic accident is continuously getting higher in the state of California, and even in cities like Los Angeles and Santa Ana. Such accidents happen to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. What’s more alarming though is that as much as 29 percent of traffic accident fatalities involved people on foot or their bicycles.

According to the mayor of Santa Ana, more than half of the city’s residents do not have their own cars and rely on public transport, bicycles, or walking to move around. This puts them at a higher risk for accidents, particularly on roads and intersections that get congested easily. The situation is more aggravated by growing incidents involving reckless or negligent motorists.

People injured in these incidents may suffer from minor scratches and bumps, but some can be seriously injured that they are incapable of going back to work or earn a livelihood because they are physically hindered by their injuries. This will set them back considerably because of lost income while having to deal with medical or therapy expenses that will worsen their financial situations even more. These people, however, can seek the help of abogados de accidentes de peatones Santa Ana to assist them in making a compensation claim.

If you are a motorist, it would be best to avoid causing pedestrian injuries and facing relentless abogados de daños personales Santa Ana demanding compensation payments for their injured clients. Accidents can be avoided by following traffic rules and safety protocols. The following infographic from Abogados Contigo can give you valuable insights into learning how to avoid pedestrian injuries and stay road while on the road.

Car Accidents - A List to Help You Stay Safe on the Road

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