The importance of picking the right size tire

All-season tires

It is important to pick the right size tires for your vehicle. This is because when choosing the manufacturers recommended dimensions for you make and model of car, you will actually allow for the best performance and the best fuel efficiency for your car. This is because the factory tires are set to handle with ultimate performance and with the least rolling resistance so that you can get better fuel efficiency.

If you want to put larger than recommended tires on your car then you should be aware that larger tires can increase a vehicle’s gas mileage by increasing the rolling resistance. It can also alter the performance of the car and can even be bad for the transmission. This is because a larger tire can actually reduce the cars effective gear ratio. With the larger tires causing the tires to rotate slower to cover the same amount of ground which in turn can cause strain on the transmission. Wrong size tires can also affect the braking (ABS), handling and your odometer. Wider tires can also hydroplane more easily.

If you are in the market for new tires you need to first consult your manual to see what the recommended tire dimensions are for your make and model of car. This means that whether you are looking for all-season tires, all-weather tires or winter tires they need to be the right dimension. For an example, if the recommended tire dimensions are 225/50/17 then you would need to get 225/50/17 all-season tires, 225/50/17 all-weather tires or 225/50/17 winter tires.

The wrong size tires effect the rolling resistance which is the resistance your car has to overcome in order to move forward. With larger tires they have a higher rolling resistance which will thereby decrease fuel efficiency. Deeper tread blocks like what is often on winter tires and all-weather tires are great for grip and traction but bad for rolling resistance. With a low rolling resistance tire you can save 6 percent on fuel costs.

There are many good low rolling resistance tires on the market, tires like the Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 for an example. This a premium all-season tire that offers excellent grip especially wet grip, a smooth and quiet ride, long tread life, great handling and ultimate safety while remaining an environmentally friendly tire with low rolling resistance. These tires also come recommended for hybrid and electrical cars.

Using the right size tires for your car is important as it assures the best handling, performance and the lowest rolling resistance possible, this in turn assures the best fuel efficiency and makes the tires more environmentally friendly. Now a days a more environmentally friendly tire is important. Other things that you can do to save on fuel and provide a greener drive are things like keeping tires properly inflated and cutting down on drag by not attaching bike racks and overhead luggage containers when not needed.

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