Why Aluminium Roller Shutters are Better than Steel

Roller shutters are fantastic investments for property security and value boosts. However, the many different kinds of roller shutters might make selection difficult.

Material-wise, there are two main types: steel and aluminium roller shutters exterior. While you may think there is no difference between steel and aluminium, you might be surprised once you learn about their benefits.

Most homeowners prefer aluminium roller shutter doors over steel ones. If you are wondering why, we’ll explain in the following:


Aluminium roller shutters are much lighter compared to steel. This makes the shutters easier to install and operate and also reduces the load on the motor and other components.

Corrosion Resistance

Unlike steel, aluminium roller shutters are less likely to rust due to their naturally increased resistance to corrosion. This makes aluminium roller shutters suitable for coastal or humid environments. 


Although lighter than steel, aluminium roller shutters possess higher rigidity and strength, capable of withstanding impacts, wear, and harsh weather conditions. Aluminium roller shutters can last longer with minimal maintenance requirements.


Aluminium possesses a lower thermal conductivity than steel, meaning it won’t absorb as much heat. This makes aluminium roller shutters superior in terms of temperature regulation since it is better at keeping the heat outside than any other metal. Additionally, extra insulation features in the shutters can enhance their thermal properties.

Smooth Operation

Some homeowners hesitate to get roller shutters because they believe these fixtures are loud and complex. This is only true when you get steel shutters notorious for being noisy.

Aluminium roller shutters are quiet because they are lightweight. Their structure makes them smoother to operate than steel. If equipped with high-quality motors and mechanisms, aluminium roller shutters can have enhanced functionality, perfect for residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

Energy Efficiency

Due to the heightened insulation properties of aluminium, these roller shutters can contribute to energy efficiency on your property by lowering heating and cooling costs. You can expect a more comfortable home or office with minimal impact on bills.

Aesthetic Appeal

Contemporary aluminium roller shutters come in various shapes, sizes, and colours to fit any architecture. You can also have them custom-built to suit uniquely shaped doorways and windows.

Enhance Your Property Today

Aluminium roller shutters can deliver protection, privacy, temperature regulation, and added productivity, whether at home or in an office. 

It is always best to source your roller shutters from reputable manufacturers. For the best roller shutters and doors in Australia, visit QLD Roller Shutters today for a quote.

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