Quick Snack Alternatives for On-the-Go People

A snack is crucial to recharge our energy after a long work day. But often, we may not have the time to sit down for a quick meal. If you have a grumbling stomach in the middle of an office meeting or are stuck in traffic, you should consider bringing quick snacks like Tasty Toobs™ as an energiser.

You should never skip a meal when rushing from one thing to another. After all, working while hungry may cause you to become unproductive. From Chickadees™ chips to healthier fruit slices, here are some quick snack ideas to keep you filled for the entire day.

Crunchy Corn Snacks

Corn chips are one of the most common go-to snack options for extremely busy people. Australian brands such as Chickadees™, Cornados™, and Cheezels™ are made 100% from corn and are gluten-free. These classic corn snacks are flavourful and easy to grab on your way out.

Remember that these chips may be calorie dense, so eat them in moderation.

Trail Mix

Opting for a trail mix is healthier and more filling than munching on chips. Trail mix is a snack mix consisting of granola, nuts, dried fruits, and sometimes some candy. This combination boosts protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats to stay healthy and strong.

Trail mixes are also the perfect snacks if you want to satisfy your hunger while losing weight at the same time. Of course, choosing a trail mix with less sugar (candy) is healthier. You can make your trail mix at home by combining your choice of nuts and fruits, such as almonds, walnuts, raisins, cranberries, and sunflower seeds.

Fruit Slices

Getting a dose of vitamins is important to assist you in getting back on track after a tiring day. Fruits are a great source of valuable vitamins and minerals and a tasty treat. You can pack them in a container along with some dip and eat them while at work.

For example, you can pack sliced apples, peanut butter, and a protein bar for maximum energy and nutrient boost.


Protein and Granola Bars

Just finished a round in the gym and are looking for a quick meal? Protein and granola bars are effortless snacks you can quickly pull out of your pocket anytime you’re hungry. Though simple, protein and granola bars are chock-full of fibre, protein, and other nutrients to keep you up and running during hectic schedules.

Confectionery and Snacks Provider in Australia

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