Horse Betting Racing: Different Horse Bet

As the popularity of online horse betting in Singapore is beginning to rise, a lot of factors should be considered by those who are planning to place a wager on horse racing. This includes familiarity with terms, types of bets available, and where to place a wager online precisely.

The terms in sports betting are simple and easy to understand as long as you know the game you want to place a wager. At first, novice sports bettors may find them challenging but with habitual wagering, they can quickly get the gist of them.
Whether you’re placing your bet through Singapore pools or Singapore horse racing online betting, you will go through almost the same bet types.
If you are a beginner trying your luck, this article will help you understand the different types of horse racing bets, excluding multi-race bets.

Exotic Wagers

This kind of bet is not the simplest, to begin with, but it can have the highest return. If you want to increase the possibility of your winnings, this one is for you. The exotic wager will let you bet on multiple horses at once, making it possible for you to win multiple as well. But it would help if you were careful when making your bets. This requires skills in handicapping horses. It is vital to know the types of exotic wagers to place your bets. It includes the exacta, quinella, trifecta, and superfecta. Learning the best ways to place your bets will make a big difference.

Straight Wagers

If you want something simpler than an exotic wager, you can opt for straight wagers. This type of wager includes place bets, win bets, and show bets.
Just like the other type of bets, you should also be familiar with each term before you place a straight wager. If you are not looking for extreme risks or aren’t afraid to try it, this is a great way to start horse racing.
To know more about the different bets you can make in horse betting, you can see this infographic from Junebet66.

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