A how-to guide in removing your old window tints

Window tints may be the most expensive accessory a car owner can buy, but they are not a one-time purchase.

The lifespan of these thin layers depends on their quality, installation method, and exposure to sunlight. Window tints are usually reinstalled several times for a single vehicle. However, it can be difficult to remove each one, even the high quality window tints in Omaha NE are not an exception.

How to tell when to replace window tints Tint replacement is most difficult when there are visible signs such as discoloration and bubbles. There is a high demand for car windows tinting in Omaha NE. This is because they are very popular. With simple tips, one can remove existing tints in an easier way.

  • A small amount of the film can be cut in one corner.
  • Remove the film slowly.
  • Spray soapy water on the windows
  • Let the mixture sit.
  • Scrape adhesives that are left behind
  • Clean your windows.

Learn more about how to remove old car tints by reading the infographic, provided by KEPLER Window Films Coatings.

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