Challenges Of A PCR Test Bristol

PCR Test Bristol

The PCR test is popular for its accuracy in the testing for COVID-19. Due to its reputation, even airlines only prefer the PCR test for one to be termed fit to fly. With the different applications of the PCR test, it has managed to build the perfect image due to how reliable it is in terms of rendering results.   However, despite the reputation, the PCR test also has its shortcomings. Below are some of the challenges of the PCR test Bristol.

The first challenge of the PCR test Bristol is the fact that it takes a long to yield results. Unlike the rapid antigen test that renders results in less than 40 minutes, the PCR test can take up to 2 weeks. This makes it risky for everyone as the period awaiting results, an individual may be infecting and endangering other individuals. Also if the individual’s immune system is not strong enough, the worst can happen while awaiting results. Although we have cases when results came out as early as 48 weeks or even 24 hours, they mostly delay.

The second challenge of the PCR test Bristol is the cost. Despite the accuracy, the PCR test is costly, and some people are not able to afford it. The government offers it for free depending on the circumstances and the condition one is in. Whether you have the symptoms of COVID or were in contact with an infected person, other than that you have to pay for the test.

The third challenge of the PCR test Bristol is the fact that it cannot be used for corporate testing. This is due to the delayed results. Waiting for results while continuing with normal business activities can only keep the employees and everyone in the organization in danger. Implementing it incorporate testing will only be a lot more expensive unless you have very few employees.

Lastly, another challenge of a PCR test Bristol is the fact that the test can be uncomfortable. Some people fear going for the test as they associate the nose swab pain. This way most people are keeping off going for tests.

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