The Essential Car Maintenance Tips You Should Follow Every Year

The essential car maintenance tips you should follow every year are pretty much the same. You have to check the oil, the water pump, the battery, the front and rear tires, the spark plug, and the clutch. If there is a loose gas cap or a loose brake pedal, you need to change it right away. Make sure that your fuel is topped off before returning to driving the vehicle.

If you ever have to replace the windshield, it should be a relatively easy task. If you ever need to drain the fluid from under your car, you should always go with the top down approach. Never open it while it is sitting in the drivers’ seat.

The problem with checking the oil is that most people tend to forget about it. However, this is actually the most important check that needs to be done. You should do this on an annual basis. This will prevent problems from occurring at the very least. If you ever notice that there is a bit more oil leaking than usual, then you need to check it out.

It is also a good idea to run an engine scan once each month. The scan will show if there are any signs of engine wear. When looking for signs of wear, you should pay close attention to the idle sound of the engine. The idle sounds are the most telling.

Look for any signs of fluid leaking such as dripping under the hood or smoke coming from underneath the hood. Any indication that the car has been working harder than usual is a good sign that something is wrong. If you have any doubts about the engine running smooth and smoothly, then you should pull it over immediately and have it looked at by a mechanic. A lot of cars don’t have the capability to detect and stop harmful wear if it starts to get too bad. For these cars, it is better to pay a mechanic to do the work for you.

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