Chimney Cleaning Tips (Infographic)

A lot of families like to have fireplaces in their homes because they are great investments to have. During the winter, fireplaces are great sources of heat for the house, and they help save money that would otherwise be spent on heaters. They are also great for the holidays where families can spend their time together and gather around it. A lot of people that live in New York consider fireplaces to be necessary for their homes.


The only thing to worry about when it comes to fireplaces is having them cleaned and inspected. Businesses like , but the downside is that not everyone can afford these services. This is why some people would rather clean their fireplaces and chimneys on their own, turning it into a DIY project. When doing so, it is always best to let the fireplace and chimney cool off. Cleaning the chimney right after using the fireplace won’t allow debris to fully settle making the job much more difficult.


Creosote buildup should be cleaned. It is the sticky black substance that can be seen inside the chimney, and it comes from unburned wood particles, tar, and smoke, that have mixed with water vapor. Creosote is a flammable substance, which is why it should be cleaned thoroughly. Obtaining a chimney brush would be a great idea for people who opt to clean their chimneys and fireplaces by themselves. A chimney brush is a versatile tool that can help reach places where debris and creosote are located. Lastly, cleaning the chimney can be a dangerous task, so it is best to wear protective glasses. Protective glasses will not only keep the eyes safe, but they will help the person see the dirty sections of the chimney clearer.


To learn more about chimney cleaning, here is an infographic by Long Island Roofing and Chimney, an excellent company when it comes to chimney inspection in Suffolk County.


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