What to do when your summer tyres are worn out

summer tyres

Now and then you have to change tyres to new ones. This can happen when you notice that your tyres are worn out, then it is time to change your summer tyres to new ones. This can happen if it is a long ago since you bought them and you have driven sufficient number of kilometers, so that they are worn out. No tires will last forever, and they have to be replaced as they wear out.  Early tyre replacement can be due to a few factors.

One can be that you purchased inferior quality tyres; you should always invest in high quality tyres to ensure that you have the best performance as well as good safety properties. Low quality tyres have a higher rolling resistance, which causes them to wear out quicker as well as consumer more fuel as you drive. The combination of these factors can be quite expensive and very quickly eat up any savings that you made when you purchased the tyres. If you need to purchase new tyres more often will be expensive.

Another factor could be that you have the wrong tyres for your vehicle. This can easily happen if you have an electrical car or a hybrid, due to the higher torque and the heavy battery packs adding weight. This is why you should make sure that you select a tyre that has been designed for the increased wear. Rotation becomes very important to battle the increased wear to ensure even wear between the rear and the front tyres. If you alternate between summer tyres and winter tyres, then this would be a logic time point to rotate the tyres, however you might need to do it more frequently if you drive a lot. This is also true if you are using all-weather tyres for the whole year and you are not rotating the tyres between summer and winter.

For electric vehicles the tyre wear will be increased and you will need to make sure that you purchase tyres that are approved for use on electric or hybrids. The tyres should also be rotated more frequently than compared with a non-electric vehicle.

If you are not monitoring the tyre pressure often enough, it can cause you to drive with the wrong tyre pressure. If the tyres have low pressure, the tyres will wear out faster and the car will consume more fuel. The pressure in the tyres varies based on the temperature outside. Since the outside temperature isn’t constant you will need to check the pressure on a regular basis to ensure that you have the correct pressure. The pressure should be in the level as indicated by the owner’s manual.

If you purchase a set of high quality tyres and you maintain them properly then they should last and not wear out prematurely. The proper maintenance in include checking the pressure and rotating them for more even wear, Proper maintenance is key for a long and trouble-free lifetime of the tyres, so make sure that you don’t neglect this part once you have invested in good tyres. You also need to check the tyres for cuts and other damages and make sure that the tread depth is at least 4 mm.

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