Use an online tyre selector to find your tyre dimension

All-weather tyres

We all know that the Internet is a wealth of information and that you can find all the necessary information there. It is very easy to find the size of tyres that you will need for your vehicle by using the tyre selector that is available on the site. It helps you find the tyres that fits the vehicle that you have. You can also search for the different tyre options if you have the tyre dimensions and search based on that. Then you will have a range of tyres to choose from and you can use the EU tyre label to make your final decision.

It will give you the summer tyres, the studded tyres, the non-studded tyres and the all-weather tyres for that dimension. You can find the information about tyre size in the vehicle’s handbook or on the sidewalls of the tyres that you have on your vehicle. You want to make sure that you get the correct tyre dimension, as too large or small tyres can alter the performance of your vehicle and it can also cause the speedometer and odometer to show faulty results.

Once you have the tyre size, you will need to make sure that you select the best tyres for the season. Nokian Tyres have a great range of tyres, both for the summer and winter season. They have low rolling resistance, and this is why you need to select high quality tyres instead of cheap tyres that have high rolling resistance. Cheaper tyres will wear out faster and cause the vehicle to consume more fuel. This leads to a more expensive choice that is also a less safe choice. The environmental impact is also worse, as you will have more greenhouse gases emitted.

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