The convenience of all-weather tires over winter tires

All-weather tires

You would be better off using all-weather tires instead of winter tires if you live in an area with quickly changing weather. Also, if living in an area that experiences snow that quickly melts away or if where you live the weather is mild, but you like to go up to the mountains skiing on the weekend. This leaves you the flexibility to have tires that functions equally well on snow, ice, heavy rain as well as sun-scorched asphalt. In addition, if you are like many people that don’t want to be bothered with changing tires into winter tires in the winter, then all-weather tires are for you. Did you know that the all-weather tires also hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake “symbol signifying their approved use in severe winter conditions? This means that even when hit by a severe snowstorm these tires will perform equally well as dedicated winter tires.  With the many advances in all-weather tires allowing them to have the same grip and traction as dedicated winter tires with the advantage of being able to use them year-round.

If in the market for a good all-weather tire, then the Nokian WR G4 is a good choice. These all-weather tires offer predictable grip all year round in all kinds of weather making them a true all-weather tire. Many new innovative features help protect against hydroplaning by routing away rain, snow and slush from the contact surface. With the new “All weather Dual Performance compound” they maximize grip with help of jagged 3D sipes on the center rib that in fact resemble the legs of a centipede. This allows for lasting tread life as well as exceptional grip.

The all-weather tires is actually a hybrid between an all-season tire and a winter tire making it well equipped to handle both snow and ice.  You will be able to drive on snow packed roads comfortably without compromising on safety. Tire changeovers when a new season approaches will be a thing of the past thereby eliminating the need to store a second set of tires. Even when temperatures fall below freezing, the all-weather tire will still be able to have the excellent grip on the surface that it comes in contact with.

The rubber compounds that they are designed with are very similar to the rubber compounds of winter tires so this as well as the three peak mountain snowflake symbol is what makes the all-weather tires comparable to winter tires. If you take a close look at the all-weather tire, you will find that it is similar to a winter tire. The all-weather tires however have features that allows it to work well in other seasons as well, whereas the winter tires are only made to be used in winter. This obviously is a great advantage of the all-weather tires, the fact that it can be used all year-round while being both safe and reliable for winter use.

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